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5 Reasons Why People Like Z5 Corvette | z5 corvette

Z06 Corvette is the sixth full installment of the Grand Theft Auto games. In this game the player assumes the role of one of the two central characters, either Michael or Franklin. The story begins with the plot of a company called Zanzibar which is about to launch an enormous commercial. The launch goes smoothly but the company's director sends a group of choppers to steal the cargo. You, as one of the two playable protagonists, are given a chance to stop this travesty.

If you remember the previous games in this series, you will know that your driving is not just about maneuvering your vehicle but also about driving the vehicle in the right way to reach the target. The game starts with Franklin who is driving the Corvette and you are required to drive it into the service area of the airport. There you find a number of civilians being attacked by the choppers. You have a choice to intervene or to back off. I liked this part, as it shows the importance of good driving in the game.

You soon realize that the terrorists have planted several bombs onto the runway so you have to get the plane to the airfield. The target is the airport building but with the help of some allies including the Corvette, you have to make it to the target safely. You must make your way through the airport using the many shortcuts available including multiple jumps to save yourself when needed. I like the fact that you can shoot down the enemies with machine guns whilst using the vehicle as well. Unfortunately the game is lacking any sort of multiplayer meaning that if you played the previous games you won't be able to join a co-op mission with friends. The co-op mission is available though if you like getting into a heated battle with the enemy.

Once there, you discover that the terrorists have also sent a chopper onto the airfield with several armed troops inside. It is up to you to shoot down the chopper and its occupants to escape from the area. The controls for this part of the game are difficult, which is something I think is a real shame. With any vehicle handling like this it is going to be frustrating at times.

Another mission takes place on an oil rig. You are given plenty of tasks to complete before you are finally allowed to leave the grounds and return to base. It wouldn't really be a big surprise to discover that the engine of the Corvette is damaged after one of these missions and you would have to drive it around to a service facility where it could be fixed.

One thing I like about Z 06 Corvette is the fact that it has that old school retro feel to it. Although it isn't exactly a modern car, it certainly looks and sounds like a modern car. This is certainly one of the features that make playing Corvette War Zone so enjoyable.

Despite this one minor issue, this game is still one of the best. The mission and overall graphics are top notch, which helps make the game feel like an actual video game. I'm not saying that it's better than all of the others that are available, but it has its own distinct charm that makes it stand out. As long as you avoid getting into any major headaches, playing Corvette War Zone should prove to be quite fun for everyone.

The story line is simple and not too dull either. Although the ending may not be what you were expecting, it's still a very good story that leaves you wanting for more. Although I personally prefer the endings of games over the ones that don't, I'll still give it a try because of the excellent graphics and sound effects. Play this game if you like fast paced action-adventures and car games that are fun to play.

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